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Friday Lunches

Friday lunches closed due to Covid.
Fellowship through food has the reputation of being a valued aspect of Methodist Church life, and it is well established within the programme of weekly activities at Wantage.

Apart from during the month of August, Friday lunches take place monthly on the last Friday of the month. For most people it costs £6 for the whole meal main course, dessert, bread and butter, cold drink, and tea or coffee. However, some people only want a main course which is £3.50 and the dessert on its own is £2.50 or £1.50 if it's just ice-cream.

Everyone is welcome at every lunch.

On Fridays no booking is required.

There is a choice between two main courses and also two desserts, followed by tea and coffee .

Each table is waited upon.

We cater for an unknown number of people, and always hope there will be enough food for everyone!

The proceeds from Friday lunches are given to a charity; local, national or international, including disaster emergency appeals.