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Music group

The music group got together about 20 years ago and members and instruments have changed over the years.

Currently the group meets on a fairly regular basis on Wednesday evenings and leads music in worship about once a month.

Members of the group have also supported Circuit and other local music events. The core music group currently consists of a couple of euphonium players, a flute and recorder player, a clarinet player, a guitar player, a couple of people who play the piano and a couple of singers.

Due to work, and other commitments, this core group rarely play all at the same time and as the church is blessed with a wealth of musicians, others (both young and old) join the group from time to time.

The group enjoys trying out songs from the Methodist hymn book Singing the Faith and welcome details of any new worship songs which members of the congregation might have heard on their visits to other churches.

If you are interested in finding out more about the music group, please contact June Grunwald

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