Since our launch on the 3rd of December 2016 thanks to the kind courtesy of the Wantage Methodist Church, REACT has been working tirelessly to achieve its primary aim to "Turn Disability into Ability Through Education" by making education accessible to disabled children in the most vulnerable communities in Ghana.

Our recent pathfinding mission to Ghana provided not only an insight into the humanitarian sector in Ghana but also an opportunity to undertake a needs assessment of some children we have identified for support.

The journey into REACT's world of humanity has begun in earnest and with the unflinching backing the church continues to give REACT we continue to believe in our cause. We therefore kindly request any support at this stage as we prepare to raise the support packages for these children.

Please remember that we will also appreciate individual donations of anything useful to these children in their quest to seek education, thus from books, clothes, shoes, wheel chairs, walking sticks, braille books, hearing aids, hygiene stuff, items for the visually impaired and many more.

Please contact us to arrange for collection of anything you may want to donate Tel. 01235244801 Mobile: 07949915547
Email: or visit us on

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