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We have a number of committees that meet on a regular basis and who undertake work delegated to them by the Church Council, and who also report back to them.

Please find below a summary of what they do.

Church Stewards

The role of a church steward is (along with the minister) to give leadership and help over the whole range of the church's life and activity. The stewards meet with the minister on a regular basis where they consider aspects of the wider life and mission of the church. They attend and report back on the various church committees. The stewards are responsible for seeing that all is prepared so that services, meetings and other engagements on the circuit plan in connection with the church can take place. There are currently five stewards — Carolyn Roche, Heather Wells, Jan Abrahall, Alison Phillips and Gordon Skidmore.

Finance & Property

More to follow soon.......

Movers and Shakers
The Movers and Shakers for Mission and Service Committee, exists to promote the mission and service activities that occur outside of Sunday Worship.

Activities vary widely and rang from regular weekday meetings, to one off events designed to raise money for charities.

Representatives from the appropriate regular Church meetings are invited to provide updates to the committee.

The Committee meets three times a year. Meetings and are held in a member's home and are open to all of the church to attend.

Further details of these activities can be found on this website under the heading of Mission/Service

Pastoral Committee

At present each member of our team of 17 Pastoral Visitors looks after a group of people within our church family, offering care, support and friendship. Every church member has an allocated Pastoral Visitor, and where resources enable us to do so, this is extended to non members who worship with us as well. Care is offered through regular contact including home visits.

The monthly Newsletters are usually delivered by Pastoral Visitors, and the annual Membership tickets are always given out in this way.

The style of pastoral care offered and received varies within different pairings, but the foundation on which it is based is constant. Each Pastoral Visitor accepts their responsibility to pray regularly for each person in their group, and where appropriate to pray with them; to celebrate with them on happy occasions and to show understanding, love and practical assistance during sad or difficult times.

Hopefully this support complements the pastoral ministry offered by Keith, and gives a reassurance of the way in which each member of our church family is valued, cared for, and loved unconditionally by God.


Worship Consultation
The Church's Worship Consultation meets four times a year to reflect on and discuss all aspects of worship at Wantage Methodist Church.
It aims to ensure that we have good quality worship that is relevant, connecting and transforming.
This is an open meeting so all are welcome to come and contribute their thoughts and ideas.