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From the Manse....

As I am writing the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the flowers are coming out, the grass has been cut and a starling is gathering twigs for its nest and playing tug-of-war with a solitary piece of string attached to the fence. The view from the study window proclaims that spring is here and vividly bears testimony to that fact.

Spring heralds the promise of all that is to come. It turns its back on winter and taunts the barrenness and desolation of the season that has just passed with signs of new life, new beginnings and resurrection.

That which had been dormant for so long and looked devoid of life is now transfigured and transformed with "buds of earth and flowers of heaven".

This spring more than any other for a long time, has been much sought after and longed for as we seek some respite from the all encompassing pandemic that has physically and emotionally locked us down and forced us inside.

With warmer weather and spirits lifted by the bright skies, it feels as if we are now able to raise our collective faces towards the sun and in doing so, find some solace, space and freedom, albeit within the limitations placed upon us. The promise of better times to come and the feeling that this too will pass now seems more real, more believable.

The miracle of resurrection that is so clearly visible in our gardens, parks and fields, is a harbinger of that which is at the heart of our faith. It reminds us that out of death comes life, out darkness comes light, out of despair comes hope and out of captivity comes freedom.

Resurrection turns the old order upside down and inside out. It discards what was and turns it into something new.

Like Easter day itself, resurrection is not solely tied down to a specific time of year or date, for it is a reality that continually breaks into the world. We might recall, proclaim and focus on the resurrection story on one particular day of the year, (4th April in 2021) but it is about every moment of every day.

Whether we are talking about resurrection writ large with a capital R in matters of life and death, or resurrection in the more ordinary things that surround us — there are signs of its truth all around us.

Long after the Easter eggs have all been eaten, the flowers on the Lenten Cross taken down and the Easter cards recycled, we proclaim Christ is risen!

For when the warmth breaks through the cold and light comes to the dark places,
Christ is risen!
When sadness turns to joy and fear turns to rejoicing
Christ is risen!
When we take courage and share the good news
Christ is risen!
When the shroud is left behind and the banner of Christ is unfurled
Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed — Alleluia!

With love and God Bless


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