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Lessons in life and faith from a puppy

23rd August 2022: WMC
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From the Manse....

We've owned and had dogs longer than we've had children but in all that time we've never had a puppy before. Just over six weeks ago Pepper, who is a Sproodle (a Springer Spaniel/toy poodle cross) became the latest addition to our family.

She is settling in well but as all those who've ever had a puppy will know she has her moments and can be something of a whirlwind as she comes to terms with her new home, teething and the opportunities and challenges of life in general.

She is attending puppy training classes and is a quick learner.

We knew that we would need to purchase a number of items in preparation for her arrival, but we have been amazed at the sheer scale and size of the puppy accessory market that exists.

It seems that almost every item boasts that they will sort out any problem you may have or indeed prevent them from occurring in the first place and also claim to be eco/dog friendly and kind to the planet.

Yet, the other morning what was it that really motivated Pepper whilst we were on our walk? Was it a fancy toy, or home cooked peanut butter treats or liver cake?
No, none of those! What motivated her was a long stick that was lying in the grass. This discarded piece of tree instantly became her new and most wanted treasure as she eagerly followed along the pavement with me waving it in front of her.

A reminder that often it is the simple things of life that can mean the most and make the biggest impression on us.

A smile, an encouraging word or an act of random kindness can make someone's day and transform their world.

Happiness is not to be found in things or possessions, the stuff that we own or desire it is to be found in relationships, in loving and caring for others even as they do the same for us.

As we begin a new Methodist Year and face all the challenges of these times, may we be assured that we are loved by God and find happiness, meaning and purpose in that knowledge.

Love and God bless to you all 


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